FOR ASUS S550C S550CA K56CM S56C K56C K56CA laptop Motherboard K56CM Mainboard Motherboard 100% test Ok 987U CPU 2 cores

FOR ASUS S550C S550CA K56CM S56C K56C K56CA laptop Motherboard K56CM Mainboard Motherboard 100% test Ok 987U CPU 2 cores
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Desktop DDR3 8GB



Memory Speed

1600MHZ   PC3-12800  

Memory Socket



8Bits ETT chipset

Chipset Brand

Sknynix, Nanya, PSC, HY,SEC,MIC,ELP, Samsung....

Memory Channel

Single Channel

Combination Form

Supports Dual-channel

CAS Latency










Ram Brand


Factory Assured

Lifetime Warranty

Notice : 

This item memory 1600 8GB For AMD :

  1. This item For AMD is AMD platform dedicated memory is can compatible with CPU Socket AM3, Socket AM3+ series motherboard (corresponding DDR3 motherboard chipset MCP61 AMD 690 770 780 785 790 880 890) Etc. sheer DDR3 motherboard.
  2. This item For AMD is can\'t compatible with all For Intel CPU motherboards, all the intel northbridge chipset motherboards and For Compaq, DELL, IBM, APPLE, Mac, MacBook, HP, Gateway, Emachines, Packbell compute.
  3. This item For AMD is can\'t compatible with for the A55, A65, A75, A85, FM1, FM2, 970 series motherboard.


Pins of Memory RAMS :

  • DDR for Desktop = 184 pins
  • DDR2 for Desktop = 240 pins
  • DDR3 for Deaktop = 240 pins

Read First :

  • The Recognition of XP is around 2.89GB
  • The Recognition of Win 7 32Bit is around 2.26-4.5GB
  • The Recognition of Win 7 32Bit is around 8-16GB
Before purchasing rams, please confirm which model is suitable for your Desktop / Laptop, usual models are as bellow :
  • PC-100 = SDRAM 100MHz
  • PC-133 = SDRAM 133MHz
  • PC-2100 = DDR1 266MHz
  • PC-2700 = DDR1 333MHz (Compatible with DDR1 333MHz)
  • PC-3200 = DDR1 400MHz (Compatible with DDR1 333MHz, DDR1 266MHz)
  • PC2-4200 = DDR2 533MHz
  • PC2-5300 = DDR2 667MHz (Compatible with DDR2 533MHz)
  • PC2-6400 = DDR2 800MHz (Compatible with DDR2 667MHz, DDR2 533MHz)
  • PC3-8500 = DDR3 1066MHz
  • PC3-10600 = DDR3 1333MHz (Compatible with DDR3 1333MHz)
  • PC3-12800 = DDR3 1600MHz (Compatible with DDR3 1333MHz, DDR3 1066MHz)
Attention : The DDR1 & DDR2 & DDR3 work in different voltage, cannot be compatible each other, please Don\'t Try with wrong motherboard. If you DO NOT know about frequency of your computer, please confirm with software CPU-Z.






Different memory factory batch. The same model Will be different PCB backplane colors. 
Narrow plate and wide plate, different particle sizes. Number of particles will have 8and16 .
But the Quality and compatibility of the memory will not be changed by the appearance and number of particles. 
The computer memory chips are from the memory chip manufacturers for Samsung, Sknynix, micron, Nanya, PSC, ProMOS, Qimonda, Elpida, and memory information to display more information on manufacturers, protected, computer memory will be because Of different batches selected above partners storage chips. 
Random crash:
Such failure is due to the use of several different chip of memory. because the memory speed different a time difference to cause crashes. This can be in the CMOS setup reduce the speed of memory to be addressed. otherwise. only the use of the same type memory. There is a possibility that the memory is not compatible With the motherboard. in addition there may be caused by the memory of the bad memory and the motherboard caused by random crashes, 
System into safe mode:
Such failures are generally due to the motherboard and memory is not compatible, Common to the high frequency of memory for some does not support the frequency of memory on the motherboard. you can try in the CMOS setup reduce memory reading speed to see Whether it can solve the problem, if not, that can replace the memory. 
Boot can not be displayed:
Memory cause for this failure is usually because the memory and the motherboard memory slots caused by poor contact, as long as the back and forth with the eraser wipe their finger parts to solve the problem (do not clean with alcohol. etc...). there is memory corruption or motherboard memory slots have a problem. it can also cause such a failure . Since the memory causes boot failure can not be displayed, host speakers typically long beep (tor Award Bios is concerned).