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Oписание продукта

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  • Product name:Reset PrintHead Print Head Printer Head Chip Resetter Decoder

  • Used for CanoniPF500 510 600 605 610 700 710 720 810 815 820 825 iPF5000 5100 6000S 6100 6200 8000 8000S iPF8010S 8100 8110 9000 9000S 9010S 9100 9110  

  • OEM code:PF-03
  • Package:Neutral Package
  • Condition:Original NEW
A. Product Function
Help you detect the print head, Used to reset the print head data, then replace the left head and right head,and use for different printer models.
For printer fault detection. when can\'t judge the print head or machine fault, reset the print head,
then test with other printers.
Can change the print head model, reset PF-05 or PF-04 print head to PF-03 print head.
B.What can it do ?
1>    It can make different printer heads exchange for each other.
2>    Can change print head model, like reset PF-05 or PF-04 to PF-03.
3>    After reset the print head data, you can install with other printers for use or test.
C. How to use?
1. Very easy. Put the print head on resetter (picture as below),Press the print head, then press the button beside.
the resetter light become red, After flashing into green means it reset successfully.
2. If the red light after flashing into red, then it not succeed.try to reset it again. after many times reset unsuccessful.
3. it means the print head with problem of electric circuit.you can check the print head with a "The print head electrical fault tester"
D.Need attention:
a.  About the model change: If you use PF-03 print head resetter, then no matter you put PF-03 PF-04 PF-05 IH-035 etc. they all become PF-03 print head after reset. equally plausible, If you use PF-05 print head resetter, then all printheads will become PF-05 print head after reset.
b. The resetter light doesn\'t work, There are several general condition:
1.Dead Battery,it use with 9V primary batteries, you can change it by youself.
2.connecting line is broken, you can open it and check,To repair welding
3. The print head short circuit, you can give up the print head, otherwise will hurt your printer. The problem when you use:
4. Please note the resetter pins, Never touch them.when you put the printehad on resetter,
press it lightly,don\'t press overexertion. Avoid circuit board fall off.