Vehemo DC24V To AC110V Solar Power Inverter Auto Inverter Power Supply Car Inverter Portable High Performance Transformer

Vehemo DC24V To AC110V Solar Power Inverter Auto Inverter Power Supply Car Inverter Portable High Performance Transformer
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UPS Battery 2000W DC 12V to AC 220v Automotive Power Inverter With Charger  Voltage Converter 12V To 220V Car Power Inverter


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Item Description


Attention :

This 2000w power inverter with UPS function,and it is modified sine wave .

If you need pure sine wave 2000w or other watts,please contact me.


This inverter is light volume and reasonable design, it can be widely used for all kinds of electric equipments which power consumption which voltage are equal to AC 220V, such as cell-phone, portable computer, electric light, digital camera, vidicon, TV, CD player, DVD, electric fan, electric tool and so on.

Convert DC 12V electricity source into AC 220V power.



1. Auto battery charging
2. Universal Protection Circuit: Over-Voltage, thermal protection, earth fault protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.
3. Inverter and charger indicator: Fully charged, Public Power, Inverter fault.
4. Dual Switch (Inverter, Charger) supporting battery deep discharge
5. Transfer time between bypass model and inverter mode less 12Ms, no influence in appliances work when public power off.
6. Two power switch controller(inverter switch, charger switch), so that it can support battery deep discharge.
7. PWM high-frequency technology - small size but big power.
8. Fast Charging: 20A charging amp
9. Quiet Operation: Fan move only when necessary
10. High surge and efficient
11. Battery voltage display - so you know battery level anytime
12. AC voltage display



Power efficiency:About 90%




Item Performance






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For Car




Item Usage


Placement Guideline:

For security and performance,the inverter should be placed under these conditions as follows:

1. Dry:no water or get wet in the rain.
2. Cool:the temperature between 0 celsius degree and 45 celsius degree.
3. Ventilation:at least 2 inches (5cm)clearance above and on all sides if the inverter for proper cooling.

Usage of the inverter:

1. Make sure the electrical power of the equipment you using is under the eclectrical power of the inverter .
2. Turn the inverter swithch to (OFF)position,and then plug the inverter DC plug into the car cigarette lighter socket,make sure they are firmly linked.
3. Switch the inverter on,the green light indicates that it is working normally.
4. Charging for the electrics:The plug of the inverter plugs into the AC220V of mains socket,the red and black terminal connect to the Anode and Cathode of the 24V electrics.In the process of charging,the speed of cooling fan will change with the temperature.(The higher the temperature,the faster the speed:the lower the temperature,the slower the speed,or even stop rotation)

Warning and Caution:

1.The inverter input power and the nominal voltage of the battery should be consistent.
2. The electrical equipment voltage and the nominal output and input voltage of the inverter should be consistent.
3. The cigarette lighter plug wire or the included alligator clip leads of the inverter must distinguish polarity,red is ‘+\', black is‘-\', or easily burn this product
4. When using the inverter power supply,the greater electrical power and the shorter the battery usage time,the greater the capacity of the battery must be selected
5. The output AC socket of inverter is only for power supply, can not be in parallel with the mains

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions:

1.The inverter is not working
1)Whether the plug is loose
2) Whether the switch is off
3) Whether the car cigarette socket has output voltage the battery has power.

2.The output power of inverter is not enough,just can drive the low-power electrics
1)The battery power is too small,should be changed
2)The battery voltage is too low,should be charged or changed
3)The inverter is working normally on other vehicles,should bold the cigarette socket in professional repair shop. (The cigarette lighter socket load shall not exceed 200W)
4)It is external battery,should bold short the lead

3.The inverter is not working,the indicate lighter is red and with intermittent beep.
1)The power of electrics exceed the inverter power,( the battery should be charged or changed.)

4.The inverter is with intermittent beep
1)The battery is undervoltage,(the battery should be charged or changed.)
2)Reduce the using electrics

5.The temperature of outer is normal within 65 celsius degree.


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