Boxing Fight Fighting Double Play Robot Children Intelligent Remote Control Boy Toy RC Battle Boxing Robot / Toys

Boxing Fight Fighting Double Play Robot Children Intelligent Remote Control Boy Toy RC Battle Boxing Robot / Toys
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Main Features

1.In addition to antibacterial, compact and lightweight, strong suction, long battery life

2.Machine power 285W suction power 80W

3.Composite brush strip

4.40 minutes of lasting battery life 2200mAh/48Wh

5.About 1.5Kg lightweight body

6.Size 543*148*158mm

7.Charging time 2.5 hours

8.Dust cup capacity 0.4L

Rated voltage: 22.2V
Total rated power: 285W
Battery capacity: 2200mAH/48Wh
Charging limited voltage: 25.8V
Charging time: About 2.5 hours
Dust cup capacity: About 0.4L
Life time: 40 minutes
Electric brush head power: 20W
Noise: 75db (A) (standard file)
Product weight: 1.5kg
Package weight: 1.9kg
Product size (L x W x H): 543 × 148×158mm
Package size (L x W x H): 550 × 160×180mm


Product Images

Small apartment type, simple and beautiful sense of high quality
Power suction | lasting battery life | light wireless | efficient dust removal
Good-looking, outstanding performance
The 270-degree handle design, the hand-held part is also a wind tunnel, integrated with the fuselage, can be pushed to bring a comfortable grip. White and gray color matching in the eyes of designers and artists represent high fashion, fashion and classics. With a simple and elegant aesthetic design, create an attitude that is eager for a simple life.
1.3kg lightweight, 270 degree full feel
Adhering to lightweight design, optimizing internal structure, carefully selecting materials, ensuring strong suction while ensuring light weight, 270 degree camber large handle, ergonomic design, perfect combination of weight and structure, further reducing users The burden in cleaning,
Lightweight brushless motor, 80,000 speed performance monster
The rotating brushless digital motor with a speed of up to 80,000, the power of the whole machine is up to 300W, and the effective suction power reaches 80W, which provides long-lasting strong power for the vacuum cleaner. Excellent and reliable engineering design ensures long-term stable operation of the vacuum cleaner, and strong suction absorbs dust continuously.
a whirlwind-like suction, classic multi-stage dragon whirlwind duct system
The continuation of the classic multi-stage dragon whirlwind suction air duct structure of Ruimi vacuum cleaner, combined with high-power DC digital brushless motor, guarantees strong suction.In the enhanced gear position, a cyclone-like suction is generated, and the instantaneous air volume can reach 950L/min, and the dust particles attached to the ground are removed by the funny. Optimized with multiple noise reduction, the noise is as low as 75dB, making it quieter and more comfortable to use
The flat surface of the large roller has nowhere to wrap the hair. Under the huge airflow inertia, the hair can\'t be entangled and has been sucked into the dust cup. The innovative comb design can effectively reduce hair entanglement when it is rotated rapidly.
Clean from top to bottom, clear the stubborn dirt in the ground
The ergonomic design reduces the burden of cleaning. When the vacuum cleaner body forms a 45-degree angle with the ground, the handle adjusts the weight of the click and the battery, effectively reducing the burden on the hand and easily coping with various stubborn dirt on the ground. Convenient view of the touch switch, sensitive adjustment of suction size, no need to long press, easy and effortless operation
 Deep cleaning for 40 minutes, suitable for small families
Six high-powered power supplies can be quickly recharged in just 2.5 hours. The performance is safe and durable. The longest battery life in the standard gear position is about 40 minutes, which can realize small-sized cleaning. It can provide 10 minutes of super suction under the enhanced gear position and deep cleaning for the spacing task.
Suction is not easy to wear, lasting and stronger, dust and flake separation and anti-clogging
Optimized air duct structure design, large air intake and smooth, centrifugal suction effectively separates garbage and dust particles, locks in the dust cup, is not easy to cause filter plugging, avoids suction loss, and brings longer-lasting strong suction
Multiple filtration to avoid clogging and maintain long-lasting suction
Multiple purification system, effectively filter dust particles, avoid clogging and maintain long-term suction, from initial interception of hair, debris to high-efficiency filter dust allergens, heavy purification, deep protection. Effectively adsorbs 0.3 micron fine particles, the purification rate reaches 99%, discharges clean air, avoids secondary pollution, and creates a clean and healthy home environment for you.
Modular design, one-button disassembly
The classic modular design of the Remi Wireless Vacuum Cleaner F8E, the combination of the modules, with different brush heads, can handle different cleaning purposes
The closed cavity is completely brushed to enhance the grip and enhance the vacuum to absorb more ground dust.
Built-in soft velvet roller brush, designed for wood flooring and floor tiles. Soft fibers also provide a polished finish when cleaning wooden floors. If the home is mostly carpet floor, you can also purchase a carbon fiber roller brush.
Aphids can cause skin itching, redness, and even skin problems such as folliculitis. The electric brush removing brush adopts a tough nylon brush head + rubber strip, a flapping, a roll sweep, built-in independent motor drive, high-speed winding cotton fabric surface or inner mites, hair, dander, etc., for clean and comfortable Furniture environment escort
Flexible, multi-angle rotation, clear corners
The small-sized apartment has many corners and gaps that are difficult to clean. The Ruimi F8E has a multi-angle flexible rotating brush, which can penetrate into the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other small spaces of furniture, leaving no sanitary corners.
Charging storage two in one, storage and placement does not occupy land
The magnetic bracket can be fixed on the wall surface, and the wall side suction charging card slot can fix the charging at the same time, and can eliminate the winding of the power cable, and combine the storage and charging into one, saving space and being used at will.