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Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Waterproof Digital Camera






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Waterproof, great features good entry into the Market – By sam rootjanapunt (apollo beach, fl USA)

“A little background so you know where I’m coming from.

I use to be a point and shooter like everyone else then fell in love with photography. From there I started to accumulate DSLR and equipment like crazy. Learning and stumbling as I go but eventually good pretty good at the concept. Now I take photos on a semi professional level. I am not professionally trained or I feel I know more a little more than the average bear.

Now on to the review…

With all the standard features most other cameras comes with and then some. 16mp..1080p etc. I’m sure you guys know all the specs by now if you’re reading this.

Since I’ve own many Pentax Optio waterproof, kodak playsport, Olympus rugged cameras I’m pretty familiar with many of the competition. Their strengths and pitfalls.

Nikon has been on the side line as the point and shoot rugged/waterproof camera was passing them by.

What I like about the Nikon that convinced me to buy it. It was between this or the Canon D10. I did not get the D10 because the shape made it too bulk and it only did SD video.

Nikon Glass (I own most all their pro glass.. so I’m a big fan)
The waterproof latch is infallible. I’ve had pentax bumped while underwater and it was toast.
Macro lets you get super close
Filter adapter, lets me use polarize filters. A must for when on the water and better colors.
Wide 25mm, love it.
Turns on quickly
Nice feel

GPS is nice but I could live with out. Besides by the time the thing locks on I’m already finished with my snap shots.

Excellent point and shoot images. Not as good as the DSLR by any means but for a point and shoot its good.

HD 1080p video yes, but the nice toy is the 240fps and 120fps slow motion mode. Yes its lower res but still fun to play with.

Don’t expect
Raw mode or Manual mode

I’ve used it several times and has put up videos on Youtube and such. Stills, underwater stills, video in slow mo, underwater, I’m testing it all.

Overall, this was a good first entry for Nikon. It had 90% of the features I was looking for and at the moment I’m pretty satisfied.

It is a great little vacation/adventure camera.

It is not a replacement for your DSLR and it does not try to be.

ps. Dear Nikon please add raw option next time will ya!”


surprisingly good waterproof point and shoot – By Wingfoot 3A (USA)

“Purchased the camera for an over seas trip, but also used the item for a Hawaiian vacation. The camera was used in and out of cold waterfalls, toted along as i jumped from a 20 ft drop into a water hole mixed with sea and fresh water; as well as snorkeling off a beach without ever fogging up. the camera froze on me once, had to go back to shore, patted the battery compartment dry before opening and forced the camera to power cycle manually, went back within a few minutes in to the ocean without a hitch. The battery life depends on usage, i found that with the GPS function as well as movie mode drained the battery quicker than without those functions being used, but i still was able to get one days worth of vacation shooting on a 4 gb card. The GPS function is definitely helpful when you get back home from vacation in order to remember the places you’ve been. sometimes it takes the camera some time 10-15 minutes before the camera picks up your location depending on your over head cover. The camera does surprisingly well in low light conditions as well as 5-10 ft shots underwater, the colors at 5-10ft still come up well and require minimal color correction through Photoshop. The weakness is long distance evening shot focus, but i didn’t really expect the camera to have that ability, manual focus is usually more precise; i couldn’t find that function on the camera, will continue to play around with the camera to see if that function exists. Additional functions that would be helpful would be delayed shot capability for night shots, i figure that could be a software function update. Overall I would recommend this camera albeit it’s price.”


Clear, crisp, great pictures – video good, not great-By shops a lot

“I’ve owned the camera for two months. It’ every user friendly and the pictures are outstanding. When we loaded the pictures onto our computer and compared them with the pictures taken by our old camera, the colors were more vibrant, the focus sharper and they just looked better. I’ve shot stills and video. The video would freeze part way through a shot, After some research I found it was my memory card, not the camera. I had tried to save money and purchased a Kumputerbay memory card. When I changed that for a more expensive car, the video worked fine. My only complaint is that when using video the zoom is fast and jerky. I need to do more research and confirm it’s the camera and not a setting I don’t know how to use yet. Overall, I am extremely pleased with how easy the camera is to use and the quality of the pictures it produces.”

Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Waterproof Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Waterproof Digital Camera is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof, so you can take it on all of your extreme adventures. It packs a 5x Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens and a 16.0-MP CMOS sensor to record low-light and fast-action photos and Full HD (1080p) movies. Life on the road deserves GPS + Electronic compass, so the AW100 has these too. Add a 3-inch monitor, our new Action Control for easily adjusting settings when wearing gloves plus a range of in-camera special effects, and you’ve got a camera as rugged as you.

Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Waterproof Digital Camera